How to Beer Fest 2021


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When and where is the Utah Beer Festival?

A: Saturday, August 21st and Sunday, August 22nd at the Gateway, Located at 400 W. 200 South, SLC.

Q: Where to enter?

A: There will be multiple entrances to enter the Utah Beer Festival, including 100 South and Rio Grande Street.

Q: How much does it cost?

A: Ticket prices range from $25-125 if you buy in advance at You can purchase a single day ticket or a 2-day pass. Prices go up the day of the festival so BUY EARLY. VIP sell out every year.

Q: Where do I buy tickets?

A: You can purchase tickets in advance on the website. There will NOT BE VIP tickets available the day of the event.

Q: Any Special Deals?

A: BUY IN ADVANCE it saves money and time! If you purchase at City Weekly (175 W. 200 South #100, SLC) there is no service fee.

Q: Where can I find parking?

A: We encourage people to ride TRAX. All pre-sale UBF tickets are valid as FREE fare for Trax, busses and Front Runner. You will get off at the Planetarium Station and the closest entrance will be the corner of Rio Grande St and 100 South.  We also offer free bike valet so bike on down! Otherwise, The Gateway offers lot parking.

Q: What’s the deal with the passports?

A: Utah Beer Festival is moving to a passport model for 2021. Passports increase in price at the door. Each general passport comes with 20 punches for 5 oz. samples, which can range from 2 punches to 6. If you purchased a passport in advance, visit one of our Utah Beer Festival booths to swap your paper or digital ticket for a passport. Need more punches? Additional passports can be purchased in advance or day-of festival at one of the Utah Beer Festival booths.

Q: Do I need to purchase DD wristband this year?

A. Nope! Since drinkers will need to be IDed, only attendees with 21+ wristbands will be able to purchase alcohol and redeem their passports. So if you want to come enjoy some great food trucks, music and festival vibe, come on through.

Q: Why do some beers cost more than others?

A: Beer prices are based on the price that we pay for beer. Some beers offered at the festival are as high as 10% ABV. High-gravity beers will only be available in sample size, poured into your 5oz sample mug.

Q: How many beers will be available?

A: This year we have over 200 different beers and ciders available to sample as well as several draft varieties that can be purchased in a 12 oz size. Make notes on your pocket guide so you remember which ones you liked.

Q: Can I bring my child and/or pet?

A: For the first time ever, Utah Beer Festival will be an open-air event. Every drinker will be IDed, so if you’re under age and found trying to purchase alcohol, you will be asked to leave the premises. If the problem persists, SLCPD will be on hand to escort you out. If you’re planning on drinking, you will need an ID. Pets are allowed at The Gateway, but please don’t subject your furry friend to trauma if they don’t do well with crowds.

Q: What is the appropriate ID to get into the event?

A: Driver’s license, state issued ID, Passport or military ID with photo. All ID’s must be current and not expired. Same rules apply as any bar.

Q: When do taps close?

A: Beer token sales close at 7:30p.m. on Saturday and Sunday. All taps close at 7:45pm. SHARP to give you time to enjoy your beverage before the festival closes at 8p.m.

Q: Is there any food on site?

A: YES! We will have over 15+ delicious local food carts/trucks available to choose from. A variety of options from brats to burgers, pizza to Korean fare! Bring cash or a credit card to purchase directly from the food trucks, or any number of great food places at The Gateway.

Q: Does UBF accept credit cards or checks?

A: No checks. But YES we accept credit cards and cash at our general passport top-up stations.

Q: Who do I contact if I have further questions?

A: Contact the Festival Director, Mikey Saltas [email protected] for any and all questions.

Q: What can I bring?

A: You’re welcome to bring lawn chairs, umbrellas and blankets to spread-out and enjoy the live music. No coolers or large bags are permitted on the festival grounds.